Finding The Right Lender

Need Some Extra Cash This Holiday? How To Get It

You always want to give your kids the best Hanukkah or Christmas you can give them. However, that does not always work out. If this holiday season looks like it might be a difficult one, but you still want to buy presents for the kids, here are some ways to get that holiday cash today and worry about what to do later.

Auto Title Loans

Even if your car is an old beater, you can still get a title loan out of it. In most cases, a hundred to a hundred fifty dollars is the least amount you can get. Some title loan places put a cap on the minimum, granting two or three hundred dollars. If your car is much newer, in good condition, and you own it outright, you can get a lot more money in the deal. Take your car to an auto title loans place to see exactly how much you can get. Then you can go holiday shopping with peace of mind, knowing that you do not have to start paying that loan back until your next paycheck. 

Additionally, some title loan places offer loans for other vehicles. Other acceptable vehicles are RVs, ATVs, UTVs, boats, jet skis, and snowmobiles. If you do not want to risk a loan on your only car/truck, you can find a title loan place that will give you a loan on one of the other types of vehicles.

Donate Plasma

If you are a good candidate for it, you can donate plasma for cash. People with really good, big, strong veins can make up to sixty dollars a week donating plasma. The amount you earn is based on the number of trips you make each week. The money is loaded automatically onto a prepaid debit card, making it really easy for you to go holiday shopping online or in a store. 

Pawn Loans

Pawn loans can help too. You can choose to either sell the items of value outright to the pawn shop or use your items as collateral for a loan. If you want your items back, you have to pay off the loans, same as you would with the title loan. A pawn shop will take everything from your wedding ring to chainsaws and ice fishing augers. Take a variety of items with you to the pawn shop if you are looking to get more than a couple hundred dollars.