Finding The Right Lender

Getting a Diamond Jewelry Loan

A medical emergency, a home repair issue, or another unexpected event can create a major financial problem. The strain of such events can make existing problems much worse, and as you search for help, you may discover diamond jewelry loans. If you own diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets, or rings, you might be eligible for such a loan through a broker. Because your diamond jewelry acts as collateral, loans can be approved and disbursed quickly. After repayment, your jewels can return to you. What actions are important with diamond-related loans?

Exploring Market Prices

Your financial issues could make you so impatient that you don't consider your diamond jewelry's market value before driving over to a broker; this could be a costly error. As an owner who likely loves their diamonds, you owe yourself the time to explore what they could be worth. Checking online auctions, looking at jewelry retail sites, and taking similar steps can reveal the range of prices that will be used to set your approved loan amount. This way, when a broker offers a certain amount you won't be surprised.

Diamond and complete pieces shouldn't be the only items you're exploring. You should also consider gold or silver prices; these precious metals can add to the value of your diamonds.

Seeking Appraisals

Many times, diamond jewelry owners already hold appraisal certificates that outline the type of diamond in the piece and an opinion of the piece's value. However, realize that appraisal values can change over the years; consider having pieces reappraised. When you enter a brokerage, being able to present an official document can expedite the process.

Maintaining Your Pieces

When preparing your diamond pieces for assessment in a brokerage to secure a loan, the urge to clean them may be strong. However, if you aren't absolutely sure about the diamond-cleaning products you're about to use, skip it. Improper cleaning could affect the piece, lower your jewelry's value, and therefore lower the loan amount you'll be approved for.

Reading Documents Carefully

The desperation any financial crisis causes could create a sense of urgency where you're willing to accept the first loan a brokerage offers. However, you must ensure that you clearly realize what the loan entails, what repayment looks like, and other terms. You might even want to collect documents, take them back to your family home, and consider them without feeling rushed. Being sure of what you're signing up for is beneficial for both you and the diamond broker.

Diamond brokerages can guide you when you are interested in jewelry loans. With these recommendations, your diamonds can help you escape financial turmoil.