Finding The Right Lender

Want a Home Loan? Reduce Debt First

Whether you are considering a VA home loan or you have a lot of student debt that you need to start paying, you have a lot to consider financially. You might also be thinking about ways you can reduce your debt payments.

Managing debt is important if you are taking on a new home loan. Want to learn how to take care of debt? Take a look at these tips for reducing your payments and lowering debt as much as possible.


Some creditors are open to negotiating. If you have a copy of your credit report and written statements of what you owe, you might want to go down the list and call creditors to discuss the steps you can take to reduce credit card and loan payments. This can put you in a better position to make your VA home loan payments.


Combining debt can also reduce your payments each month. It can also help reduce your interest rates. Consolidated loans make it easier to pay off your loans efficiently. Just make sure to do this wisely without extending your loan payments month by month.


In some cases, you can transfer the balance on a credit card to another credit card. This can give you a lower interest rate in some cases. Plus, you only have to worry about a single bill each month rather than trying to pay down different balances month after month. This streamlines your bill-paying process so you don't become overwhelmed.


Credit counseling is also a great option for many people in your position. Credit counselors are often able to help you negotiate debt and make payment plans. They can also provide you with other information that helps you pay off loans so you can qualify for your home loan. Counselors can work with your goal to get a home loan and ensure that you meet the necessary criteria.

Get the Best Loan

It is smart that you find the best loan possible. A VA home loan can be a fantastic choice if you are interested in buying a home at a great rate. Make sure to examine your many loan options before you settle on one specific loan. You have many options, and reducing your debt ahead of time can put you in the best position to buy a home. 

Once you have lowered your debt, talk to a company like Lund Mortgage Team.