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Rules You Might Have To Follow When Out On Bail

Are you ready to call a bail bond agent for help with your release from jail? If so, you should be prepared to pay the required fee that the agent charges and get ready to follow some rules. When you use a bail bond agent for help, you must agree to follow the rules. Here are several things to understand about a bail bond agent's services and the rules you must follow.

Why You Have Rules

When the jail releases you on bail, they are not letting you off the hook from the crime. Instead, the jail lets you out on bail, which means you can have your freedom while working on your case. If the case results in a conviction that requires serving jail time, you will return to jail at that point. Bail lets you out of jail for the meantime. The courts call this "being out on bail." During this time, you must follow the rules, and you will learn these rules from the bail bond agent and the court.

The Rules You Must Follow

Every case, state, and situation is unique, yet most people who are out on bail must follow specific rules. Here are some of the rules that commonly apply for people out on bail:

  1. Avoid the use of alcohol and drugs – People out on bail typically cannot use any form of alcohol or drugs during this time. If they do and they are caught using these substances, it can lead to an immediate return to jail.
  2. Stay in the area – It is not uncommon for people on bail to have travel restrictions to follow. In most cases, these travel restrictions prohibit people from leaving the state they live in. You can ask your bail bond agent about this if you have questions.
  3. Check in with the agent – You should not be surprised if your bail bond agent tells you to call or stop in every week until your case ends. Bail bond agents frequently require check-ins for anyone out on bail.
  4. Get rid of all firearms – People on bail also are also not allowed to possess firearms. If you have any, you may have to let someone else hold them during this time.

It is helpful to find out the rules when you get released from jail and follow them. If you need help with your case, talk to a bail bond agent today.

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