Finding The Right Lender

What To Expect When Meeting With A Bail Bond Agency

When your loved one is incarcerated, there are many things going through your head. The number one priority is getting them out of jail as quickly as possible. This takes money. Getting the funds in place for them to post bail starts with contacting a bail bonds company. Here is what you can expect when you meet up with them. 


One thing you will need to have in place when meeting with a bail bond agency is some form of collateral. If your loved one has any assets like a home or car that is paid for, they can front that for collateral.

In addition, if you have collateral such as antiques, coin collections, or vintage farm equipment that is paid off, you can post these items as part of the bond contract and conditions. 

This ensures that the DUI bail bond will be secure and the funds can be collected should the defendant fail to appear in court. 

Down Payment for a Surety Bond

The reason most people turn to a bail bond agency is because they don't have access to a large amount of cash. A bail bond company can take care of the full amount, but they do require a percentage of the bond upfront. You will have to obtain these funds outside of the bail bond company. Once you have the down payment for the surety bond, you can proceed with the bond request. 

From there, the bond company will fulfill the DUI bail bond and get your loved one out of jail while awaiting trial. 

Know the Risks

If your loved one is a flight risk, the judge may set their bond high. This is for the protection of the courts. But if you feel your loved one may not fulfill their duties assigned by the court, including treatments or assessments as showing up as requested, it can forfeit the bond. The result is you have to pay back the entire amount of the bond. If you put up any type of collateral, such as a vehicle, it will automatically be seized by the bond company until your loved one shows up in court. 

While a bond can be a huge blessing, it's important to understand the underlying risks involved. Be sure to talk to your loved one to make sure they are willing to work with you and the court system to make it a success. 

Making sure you have these things in place before meeting with a DUI bail bondsman will make the appointment go smoothly. The goal is to get your loved one out and help them win their case outside of jail. 

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