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3 Tips For Selling Items To A Pawn Shop

Need some quick cash and ready to let go of some of the valuable things you own? One way to do it is to sell your items to a local pawn shop. While pawn shops are known for their short-term loans where people can pawn items for a percentage of their value, pawn shops will also buy items for cash as well. Here are some tips for visiting a pawn shop with the purpose of selling.

Research Your Item

It's never a good idea to sell anything without doing your research on the item's value, and this is true of going to a pawn shop. Take the time to find out what your item is worth so that you have a potential price range in mind. A pawn shop is not going to give you the top value for an item since its goal is to sell it for a profit, but it will be in line with the item's overall value. You still want to know if the price they are offering is worth it to avoid funding a buyer on your own.

Properly Present The Item

The way that you present the item to be sold is going to affect its value. If it looks like the item has been collecting dust in your basement for the past few years, this will be reflected in the price that is being offered. Make sure you prepare the item so that it looks its best. For example, jewelry should be cleaned so it looks shiny. Electronic devices should be packaged with original boxes, cords, and instruction manuals when possible.

Prepare To Negotiate

A pawn shop is not a palace where they have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude about a purchase price. There is some room to negotiate when it comes to the value of an item. Always remember that you don't have to sell it to them either, and be prepared to walk away if you do not like the price that is being offered. 

Remember that both of you are looking to make a profit off of selling the item. While it may feel like the pawn shop has the advantage in this transaction, remember that its goal is to make money. If you have an item that you know is going to sell quickly, this could be a way to negotiate a higher price because some profit is better than no profit at all.  

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